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TT-910 -- Food Delivery Wars in Japan - Who Will Win? E-biz news in Japan.

Honestbee is a food and shopping delivery company that makes it even easier, as long as you have a working credit card. Their main differentiator is that they have personal shoppers located in or near their merchant partners.

TT-909 (Tourism Edition) - DMOs, Action, and Authenticity -- A Tourism Recipe for Remote Prefectures

Destination marketing organizations can help remote regions to improve their infrastructure and attractiveness, and thus help those areas bring home some tourist dollars.

TT-908 -- Soracom M&A - 3 years old and worth US$180 million, e-biz news from Japan

One of Japan's Big 3 telcos, KDDI, announced that it would buy out a Japanese start-up company active in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, named Soracom, for an estimated JPY20bn.

TT-907 (Tourism Edition) -- Using Missiles, Will Kim Jong-Un Gatecrash the Tokyo Olympics?

With this latest intercontinental ballistic missile test, Kim Jong-Un is going from being an irrelevant annoyance to the U.S. who was only capable of hitting parts of Japan, to now being a major strategic threat.

TT-906 -- Something You Never Knew About Jean Pearce (1921-2017)

Jean was nothing if not dedicated to helping others and during her more than 40 years in Japan, 36 of them were spent writing regular, meaning weekly, reader advice columns (1964-2000) for the Japan Times.

TT-905 (Tourism Edition) -- Japan's Biggest Tourist Magnet - Food and the Bloggers that Follow

Let's just remind ourselves that the top activity foreign tourists want to do before coming to Japan is to try some particular type of food.

TT-904 -- Old Man Funai and the Weakness of One-man Shacho Companies

We heard a story a few years ago about just how autocratic and strict the management methods of Mr. Funai were, which in the beginning no doubt contributed significantly to his success.

TT-903 (Tourism Edition) -- Where Opportunities Lie for New Entrants to Inbound Market

What we do know is that out of roughly 1,183 travel agents who are members of the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), only 105 (8.87%) are registered for Inbound business.

TT-902 -- Fujitsu's Bottom Line Caught in a Widening Culture Gap, e-biz news from Japan

It was with some interest that we saw several articles and one investor presentation about one of Japan's largest bedrock IT companies, Fujitsu.

TT-901 (Tourism Edition) -- JTB and Other Japanese Travel Agents Getting Killed in Inbound Market

Despite the massive contracts and various preferences JTB receives every day, the company barely improved its sales and profit numbers overall in FY2015 and FY2016.

TT-900 -- New "Airbnb Law" is Bigger Than Just Cheap Room Shares, e-biz news from Japan

The Parliament passed legislation that will legalize home-sharing, otherwise known as "Minpaku". Initially the main beneficiary will be Airbnb, who now becomes the first U.S. sharing economy company to make it big in Japan.

TT-899 (Tourism Edition) -- Airbnb Home Buyer Reports From Higashi Kujo in Kyoto

How to carve out a stake converting Kyoto "slum area" houses into Airbnb stays. This is a great example of how you can help lift the fortunes of an entire neighborhood.

TT-898 (Tourism Edition) -- Activities Market Evolution Results in a Lawsuit

An interesting peek into one slice of Japan's travel industry future can be found from a pair of law suits presently going on in the USA between the ex-CEO of Zozi.com, TJ Sassani, and the company's largest shareholder, KLP Enterprises.

TT-897 -- Escaping the Education System and Coming Out Normal, ebiz news from Japan

It's not the first time we've heard (or seen first hand) how negative the Japanese high school experience can be, although we'd be the first to acknowledge that many kids have great school experiences.

TT-896 (Tourism Edition) -- Tourists and the People of Fukushima Deserve Better

I was introduced to one entity in China and we were discussing the best places to run adventure tours. Mostly the conversation was about remote regions that have very few domestic let alone foreign tourists ...

TT-895 -- Tips on How to Recruit Senior Sales People in 2017, e-biz news from Japan

Data from tradingeconomics.com shows that job ads are near their recent peak. Clearly demand outstrips supply and as a result, recruiters, who are also prolific job board listers, are doing a roaring trade.