Terrie's Take -- A weekly roundup of news & information from Terrie Lloyd.

TT-893 -- Who Is Responsible if Your Airbnb Home Burns Down? E-biz news from Japan.

When a tenant causes a minpaku house to burn down and it takes 2 other dwellings nearby with it, where does the responsibility lie? And what of the 3rd party houses?

TT-892 (Tourism Edition) -- Technology Birth Pains: New Definition of the travel API = "A Path to Irritation"

APIs are indeed hard work to implement. The supplier offering an API needs to think deeply about their business and at which points in their existing systems they are willing to inject outside requests for action.

TT-891 -- Parcel Delivery Crisis Threatens Amazon's Japan Growth, e-biz news to Japan

One of Japan's big 3 parcel delivery companies, Yamato, dropped a bombshell when a "inside source" revealed that they would gradually end their same-day deliveries for Amazon Prime customers.

TT-890 (Tourism Edition) -- Nothing Interesting to Show? Create a Festival

In risk averse Japan, the thrill scale is a bit more docile than some other locations, but the most iconic and visually spectacular events are superb. The olden-day Japanese were particularly good at vivid colors, lighting, and shapes.

TT-889 -- Japanese Pragmatism in Applying Traffic Laws, ebiz news from Japan

Police cars on traffic duty generally don't bother stopping speeding cars unless they're doing more than 20km per hour above the limit, or are doing something dangerous.

TT-888 (Tourism Edition) -- Big Changes Afoot - Minpaku and Airbnb About to Become Legal

In what will probably become dubbed the "Airbnb Law", the cabinet office has said that they will allow private citizens to rent out their spare rooms and properties for up to 180 days a year.

TT-887 -- Recent Tax Developments, Including Inheritance Tax Rising to 55%, ebiz news from Japan

For the first time, the National Tax Agency (NTA) will have unfettered access to the overseas financial records of both its citizens and its tax residents.

TT-886 (Tourism Edition) -- Japan's Online Travel Agency (OTA) Trends Over the Next 5-10 Years

In the Inbound Travel sector, one of Japan's three distinct travel domains, the trends are being set by foreign companies trying to bring global best practices to Japan.

TT-885 -- Japanese Job Hopping Goes from No One to Millions in 20 Years, e-biz news from Japan

It was with some interest that we saw a press announcement put out by the government's Statistics Bureau several weeks ago that stated a whopping 3.06m Japanese switched their jobs in 2016.

TT-884 (Tourism Edition) -- Moving Beyond Rice Cookers and Hotels for Value in the Travel Sector

Inbound visitors have transitioned from high-spending luxury travelers, and "once-in-a-lifetime" tourists, to a larger group of lower-value repeat visitors with naturally less money to spend on each trip.

TT-883 -- Olympics Make a Great Excuse (Gaiatsu) to Get Stuff Done, e-biz news from Japan

It is a huge and very welcome surprise that the government may ban public smoking in enclosed spaces such as bars and restaurants, as early as next month (March, 2017).

TT-882 (Tourism Edition) -- We're Getting into the Cycling Business!

Japan Travel KK signed a contract with Japan's largest bicycle rental company, DoCoMo Bike Share, for Japan Travel to become DBS' main (but not sole) marketing and sales partner for foreign inbound tourists.

TT-881 -- How Japan Needs to Appease Trump, e-biz news from Japan

With the global media so focused on the Trump administration, we thought it would be interesting to try to predict what effect the new administration's tactics of bullying will have on Japan.

TT-880 (Tourism Edition) -- Adventure Tourism and Risk Mitigation, Without Strangulation by Rules

Some countries have already been down this road - that of balancing thrills with spills. New Zealand pioneered jet boat rides at top speed through narrow and potentially dangerous river gulleys.

TT-879 -- Five Predictions for Japan for 2017, e-biz news from Japan

Japan changes slowly unless forced by circumstances to do so. It's a risk-averse and conservative society where generally the only domestic sources of change are scandals and deaths.