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TT-928 -- Five Predictions for 2018, e-Biz News From Japan

How did we do with our 2017 picks? We got one right (Trump and a business pickup in his first year), two wrong (Inbound tourism is still pumping, and Toyota is not doing anything notable in Electric Vehicles yet), and two others that are still developing.

TT-927 (Tourism Edition) -- How JTB Lost Control of Japan's Inbound Hotels Business

For a foreign customer who doesn't know the JTB name, it's a surprise when the Japanese web site suddenly demands a pre-payment and often with severe penalties.

TT-926 -- Masters of Japan's Beach Trash Universe - the Bonzi's, e-biz news from Japan

As non-Japanese living here, with the high profile that comes from being different, we can play a pivotal role in helping to make things better. We can even build a business around being civic-minded residents.

TT-925 (Tourism Edition) -- The Economics of Beach Trash in Japan

I took a second look at the view and realized he was right, there was trash everywhere, particularly white plastic shopping bags, food and chemicals containers, bottles, and pretty much everything in between.

TT-924 -- 9 Useful Things to Know About Terminating Staff in Japan, ebiz news from Japan

Our advice is to get your Work Rules in place as soon as possible after establishment and NOT to wait until the tenth employee is hired. The reason for this is that it is FAR easier to negotiate with 1-2 early employees than it is with 10 or more.

TT-923 (Tourism Edition) -- Adding Content to Concrete, to Make a Hotel a Destination

It's all too easy to forget that what makes money is not just the barebones offering but also the value-added services that inspire or stimulate the customer.

TT-922 -- Dealing with a Rogue Employee in Japan, e-biz News in Japan

It's tough being a foreign businessperson in Japan. Unlike our Japanese colleagues, we don't have a support network that stretches back to High School or University, and thus we're often left in a lonely and uninformed position.

TT-912 (Tourism Edition) -- Earthquakes and Brotherhood in Noto's Sake Community

Noto Peninsula is a wonderful part of the country, with dramatic cliff roads, forests, and fishing villages facing the crashing surf on the western side, and quiet bays, oysters farms, orchards, and retirement homes on the eastern side.

TT-920 -- Four Golden Rules for Hiring Good Japanese Staff, e-biz news from Japan

It's amazing how things have changed in the last 20 years, and now the average young Japanese changes jobs 3 times before they are 30 (an unofficial industry statistic).

TT-919 ( Tourism Edition) -- Racing Typhoon Lan in Noto Peninsula (on Bikes!)

I'm writing today's Terrie's Take from the coffee lounge of the Yashio onsen in Wajima, Noto peninsula (Ishikawa-ken). Outside are wind gusts of over 100km/hr causing the floor-to-ceiling windows to flex and yet not break.

TT-918 -- Why Japan Won't Produce Many Unicorn Venture Businesses. E-biz news from Japan.

The thing is, 500 Startups does have a SET methodology, so unless you fit their template and have the personality for the hype and chaos of an accelerator, they may not be able to help you.

TT-917 (Tourism Edition) -- Gourmet Ride in Aomori - Food as Content and a New Concept for Japan

The concept began in Sonoma Valley, with rides and food experiences called Gourmet Centuries. These are immensely popular, bringing in up to 300 riders per event.