Terrie's Take -- A weekly roundup of news & information from Terrie Lloyd.

TT-866 -- Diversity as a Strategy in Finding Employees as a Start-up, ebiz news from Japan

One way to cope with start-up recruiting is to become more diverse in your selection pool. Looking at the Japanese labor market we can carve it up into roughly seven segments.

TT-865 (Tourism Edition) -- Putting Lipstick on Old Airplanes

I'd forgotten how much we take good inflight entertainment for granted these days, and how frustrating and "vacant" the traveling experience used to be. I guess we had books back then... :-)

TT-864 -- Moving Foreign Exchange Just Got Interesting, e-biz news from Japan

UK-based Transferwise solves a number of problems with PayPal and could possibly become THE money transfer solution for foreigners in Japan over the next couple of years.

TT-863 (Tourism Edition) -- Dabbling in the Medical Inbound Tourism Sector

The opportunities in the inbound medical tourism market are actually very compelling. We were approached by a B2B2C Systems Integration company that wants to get into the medical tourism market.

TT-862 -- Why NHK Can't Force You to Pay Their Annual Fees, e-biz news from Japan

It was with some interest that we saw news on Friday that NHK has for the first time lost a law suit over its ability to enforce collection of its viewer fees.

TT-Holiday Notice -- But... with a Short Note About Defense Spending This Year

A brief comment about the news that Japan's defense budget is surging to a record.

TT-861 (Tourism Edition) -- Recent Trends in Inbound Tourism, Cycling Tour

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) numbers released at the end of July showed that foreign inbound travelers for June 2016 were up a surprising 23.9% over June 2015. What is driving the renewed surge in visits?

TT-860 -- How to Deal with a Shortage of Data Scientists, e-biz news from Japan

Japanese major tech firms are starting to use M&A as one way to acquire the necessary expertise. Last year Hitachi Data Systems bought a leading data integration, visualization and analytics company called Pentaho.

TT-859 (Tourism Edition) -- Discovering Niche Opportunities in the Inbound Tourism Sector

Looking after niche markets such as custom and adventure travelers, we are experiencing steadily rising demand. Better still, currently we have very little local competition in either sector.

TT-858 -- Abenomics Part II -- What Really Needs to be Done

The Nikkei is saying that the new package will have four pillars -- infrastructure development, financial support for small businesses, mobilization of underutilized human resources, and disaster prevention measures.

TT-857 (Tourism Edition) -- Cheap Ways to Travel Japan

One of my favorite past times is creating ideas about how to help people travel Japan cheaply and yet reliably. The cheapest way to see Japan is to intern in our annual Japan Travel internship program.

TT-856 -- Why Abenomics Won't Work - It's the System, Stupid

Abe correctly said in 2013 that the economy needed to be turned around with three arrows. The third arrow, which was supposed to be deregulation and reform is in our opinion where he has failed.

TT-855 (Tourism Edition) -- A Respectful Foreign Interpretation of the Tea Ceremony

If you want to capture the essence of Japanese spirit you also need arts with a dash of stoicism, nuanced values, and a direct connection to Buddhist or Shinto philosophy.

TT-854 -- What is Driving NTT DoCoMo's Profit Jump? E-biz news from Japan

Apart from getting smart phone savvy, NTT DoCoMo has also been looking to improve its market influence and thus earnings by getting into the content business.

TT-853 (Tourism Edition) -- Sizing Up the Data SIM Market for Travelers to Japan

Most visitors to Japan wanted to know how to find a free WiFi connection, or are interested in prepaid data only SIM cards to access the Internet.