Terrie's Take -- A weekly roundup of news & information from Terrie Lloyd.

TT-879 -- Five Predictions for Japan for 2017, e-biz news from Japan

Japan changes slowly unless forced by circumstances to do so. It's a risk-averse and conservative society where generally the only domestic sources of change are scandals and deaths.

TT-878 -- Frothy Market for Asahi in International M&As, e-biz news from Japan

If there is one thing that alcohol and toy companies in Japan can be sure of, it's that their domestic sales in Japan will continue to shrink as the population greys and dies out.

TT-877 (Tourism Edition) -- What Hotels Really Make on their Investment

To shine a light on just how difficult things really are (or not) for hotel operators, we contacted experts in the hotel sector and asked them to give us some insight into the costs and returns of running a hotel business at the moment.

TT-876 -- DeNA and the Economics of (Not) Publishing Trustworthy Content, e-biz news from Japan

With the recent DeNA crowdsourced content scandal, the online publishing sector in Japan is at a crossroads. Online content space is so crowded with ex-paper publishers, the bottom has fallen out of the advertising model.

TT-875 (Tourism Edition) -- Inbound Travel Apps That Give Dogs a Bad Name

Some highly downloaded apps are just plain broken. My award for the worst app for inbound travelers is KDDI subsidiary Wire & Wireless' "Travel Japan (TJW) Free WiFi".

TT-874 -- Immigrating To Japan And How Others Are Arriving Here, e-biz news

The news releases are coming thick and fast on Abe administration efforts to increase immigration, without actually admitting that this is what they are doing.

TT-873 (Tourism Edition) -- From Robots to Dinosaurs, Japan is On the Way to Becoming Largest "Disneyland"

For foreign tourists coming to Japan for the first time, the experience must be surreal, almost like visiting a Disneyland. You get interesting stories, colorful costumes, safety and orderliness, ...

TT-872 -- Womenomics - Moving Beyond the Hot Air, ebiz news from Japan

The World Economic Forum (WEF), based in Davos Switzerland, published its annual global gender gap report. This year Japan's ranking fell from 101st out of 145 countries to 111th out of 144 countries.

TT-871 (Tourism Edition) -- Coming Backlash of Intolerance to Tourists

I clearly remember one fall day back in 2014 walking through Shibuya and suddenly realizing just how many more foreign tourists were around.

TT-870 -- Fujifilm Looking to Build Body Part Factories, e-biz news from Japan

Fujifilm bought 10% shares in Australian company Cynata, who sublicences its core technology from the University of Wisconsin, USA, which allows it to induce massive amounts of iPS stem cells.

TT-869 (Tourism Edition) -- Dr. McKinsey Diagnoses Japanese Tourism Industry

Problems that McKinsey ignores: entrenched bureaucratic thinking in government organizations JTA and JNTO, and the fact that currently the Japanese Inbound Tourism sector is pretty much controlled by foreign entities.

TT-868 -- US$5 Lettuces and the Move to Vegetable Factories, e-biz news from Japan

There are no outside-grown perishable (seasonal) vegetables for sale - only those that can be stored or from greenhouses. So what's going on?

TT-867 (Tourism Edition) -- Real Estate Honeypots in the Countryside

The one thing with all types of visitors is the problem which I call "nexus point real estate", meaning the availability of accommodation in key tourist locations around the country.