Terrie's Take -- A weekly roundup of news & information from Terrie Lloyd.

TT-854 -- What is Driving NTT DoCoMo's Profit Jump? E-biz news from Japan

Apart from getting smart phone savvy, NTT DoCoMo has also been looking to improve its market influence and thus earnings by getting into the content business.

TT-853 (Tourism Edition) -- Sizing Up the Data SIM Market for Travelers to Japan

Most visitors to Japan wanted to know how to find a free WiFi connection, or are interested in prepaid data only SIM cards to access the Internet.

TT-852 -- API Software Wave About to Hit Japan, ebiz news in Japan

A sector with highAPI usage is travel, where instead of painstakingly developing their own database hotel by hotel, travel agents these days link through an API to Booking.com and/or Expedia.

TT-851 (Tourism Edition) -- Gaiatsu in the form of Airbnb

In looking at a lot of changes going on in and around the inbound tourism sector, it is easy to see how Airbnb has become a "new economy" lightning rod and change agent in Japan.

TT-850 (Tourism Edition) -- Which Country is Biggest Source of Repeat Travelers to Japan?

Who are the most desirable nationalities to target, on the basis of repeaters as a percentage of their country's population, proximity to Japan for travel convenience, and cultural factors.

TT-849 -- Crowdfunding Takes Root in Japan, e-biz news from Japan

In early 2014 the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (JFIEA) was amended to allow easier venture-based crowdfunding for investment. Japan now has more than 50 crowdfunding platforms.

TT-848 -- Adventure Tourism is One Way to Unlock Regional Economies

One reason I got into the inbound travel business after the 3/11 earthquake was the desire to do something socially meaningful after having experienced how easily a disaster can disrupt our lives.

TT-847 -- Unemployment Disease as a Foreigner in Japan. E-biz news from Japan.

Japan's recessions are not tied to the employment numbers in the same way as they are in the West. Rather, there are deeper systemic problems caused by cultural and demographic problems here.

TT-846 (Tourism Edition) -- How "Food Memories" Bring Travelers to Japan

A Surrey University paper discusses the concept of "food memories" and how past experience with a food significantly affects a tourist's attitude towards trying it again.

TT-845 -- Sharp: How Not to Sell a Company in Japan. E-biz news in Japan.

Mr. Terry Gou, the CEO of Foxconn Technology Group (also known as Honhai) signed a JPY389bn deal to take control of Sharp, one of Japan's bedrock electronics firms.

TT-844 (Tourism Edition) -- Why is Chinese Per-visitor Spending Starting to Fall?

The Nikkei newspaper started running articles about the peaking of the inbound tourism income bubble, pointing out that since the end of 2015 there has been a downwards shift in per-visitor tourist spending.

TT-843 -- How the Failure of Abenomics Leads to the Record Sales of Safes. E-biz news from Japan.

There has been a surge in cash hoardings, with an extra 6.2% ten thousand yen bills going into circulation last year, the highest jump in demand since 2002.

TT-842 (Toursim Edition) -- Why Expedia is Not Doing Well (Yet) in the Japan Inbound Market

The local operation of Expedia is very Japanese. However, like other "Japanified" foreign-firm branches, they have lost their ability to recognize and respond to external trends.

TT-841 -- Mis-allocation of Funds: Zombies and Parasites vs. Start-ups. E-biz news from Japan.

When it comes to small company support, the words "vested interest" and "parasitic behavior" come to mind rather than "nurturing" and "creation".