Terrie's Take -- A weekly roundup of news & information from Terrie Lloyd.

TT-772 -- What Will Recruit Spend Its IPO Billions On? E-biz news from Japan.

So why is Recruit going public? The Nikkei reckons that there are rumors that Recruit wants to do some major M&As. We think we can safely rule out much of that happening in Japan.

TT-771 -- Only 33 Registered Tour Guides Serving Tokyo? E-biz news from Japan.

One way to alleviate travel language fears and to give tourists some real depth and perspective to this amazing country would be to open up the tour guiding sector so that more youthful bilinguals could get involved.

TT-770 -- Ramen, 2.5m Bowls a Day and Other Interesting Stats, e-biz news from Japan

There can be few more satisfying meals in Japan than a steaming (or chilled) bowl of ramen (Japanese noodle soup dish.) Pork, miso, soy, salt, curry, or vinegar flavored. Thick or thin, al dente or soft.

TT-769 -- Agritourism, the Italian Mode, ebiz news from Japan

The recent success of the sake industry has given farmers and their minders in government hope for food exports, and for that matter agritourism -- because food brings tourists.

TT-768 -- Dateline Tokyo Journalism Project Kicks Off, e-biz news from Japan

The idea of the program is to get more Tokyo-centric news, events, and lifestyle reportage into the international news system, and thus start increasing international awareness as the city runs up to the 2020 Olympics.

TT-767 -- No Welfare for Foreigners Ruling Not Apocalyptic, e-biz news from Japan

Last week, foreigner-related message boards lit up in outrage over the finding of the Japanese Supreme Court, that foreigners are not entitled to receive welfare support if they get into personal financial trouble.

TT-766 -- Falling Exports and What Comes Next, e-biz news from Japan

The Finance Ministry came out with some negative data this week, showing that the nation's exports fell 2% in June, and that the trade balance was in deficit, again, to the tune of -JPY822.2trn.

TT-765 -- Creative Invention is Alive and Well, e-biz news from Japan

It's companies which understand innovation and the international markets -- although it's somewhat ironic that the world leader for patent applications was turn-around challenged Panasonic corporation.

TT-764 -- Crowdsourcing Just Getting Started in Japan, e-biz news from Japan

Last week we had the good fortune to be invited to participate in an expert panel for crowdsourcing alongside two major players in the crowdsourcing industry in Japan.

TT-763 -- Trade Shows Best Way to Get Connections, ebiz news from Japan

Through our sister company Japan Inc Holdings we have been involved in market entry for foreign firms since the 1990's, and one of the most common questions we are asked is how to find partners, resellers and clients.

TT-762 -- The Race to Free WiFi, e-biz news from Japan

Although there is a massive wifi grid throughout Japan (more than 600,000 access points), the ability for international visitors to access it easily is limited.

TT-761 -- What's Wrong with the LDP's New "Japan Revival Vision" Manifesto? Ebiz news from Japan.

If you read the media, you would think that Japan is turning the corner. But when you talk to other business people in the street about business here and now, the story is not so bright.

TT-760 -- Crowdfunding Kids Through Foreign College, ebiz news from Japan.

A professor suggested that student loans be structured in a crowdfunding approach, where investors "buy" a share of the students earnings for a specific time at a defined and mutually agreed rate of revenue share.

TT-759 -- Is it Safe to Eat Fukushima Veges Again? E-biz news from Japan.

Last week, significantly, the Singapore government announced that with a few exceptions, the restrictions on food being imported from Japan are being lifted.

TT-758 -- Master Plans to Move Japan into Soft Engineering. E-biz news from Japan.

The Japanese government is now plotting a future course based on software/content and soft (tissue) engineering. If really happening, it will create all kinds of opportunities for start-ups both local and inbound.